Welcome to the Dumfries Junior Sweepers Club

Established in 2014 after the Sochi Winter Olympics to cater for the large intake of junior curlers between 6 - 12year olds.

The Dumfries Junior Sweepers was set up as a feeder club for the main junior club Dumfries Young Curlers.

This feeder club allows faster progress for the juniors and helps to keep a high retention rate within the junior section.

Over 1200 P6&P7 school pupils attend the Curling Cool programme at Dumfries Ice Bowl and get invited to return to the Junior Open Coaching Sessions which run on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Where do you go next? After attending the coaching sessions you can follow the junior pathway to the Sweepers Club as follows.

Join the National Skill Level Programme

1) 6 Skill Levels – Red, White, Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold

2) The first 3 colour levels have a fee set at £8 with the metallic levels set at £6 which is payable on completion of each level

3) These levels are worked towards at the coaching sessions

Once you start your first level you will be invited to signup to the Dumfries Junior Sweepers Club

1) Thursdays at 4.30 – 6pm

2) Cost of one years membership £25


As a member you can purchase Club Clothing and Equipment. Please contact Jane Carrick on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Dumfries Junior Sweepers club acts as a feeder club to the Dumfries Young Curlers (DYC). If you would like more info or to discuss signing up to the sweepers club please get in touch with the committee here http://www.dycurlers.co.uk/index.php/contact/committee-contact-list

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