Dumfries Junior’s Keep Cool in Fussen

It's that time of year when the World Curling Federation (WCF) runs its summer camps, coaches and young curlers travel to Füssen, in south Germany, to take part.

From Dumfries Max Moodie, Olivia McKeown, Mollie Milligan & Lewis Welsh all travelled out to Germany to attend the camp

 Fussen 2016

Junior Camp - 3-9 July 2016
The 18th WCF / DCV Hummelt Junior Curling Camp
The 18th WCF / DCV Hummelt Junior Curling Camp
Scott Arnold, one of the WCF's Competitions and Development Officers, tells us about everything that goes into running a junior camp.

One hundred and eighteen junior athletes from nineteen countries slotted into six groups. Six instructors and twelve assistants from eight Member Associations. Three ice technicians and two administrative staff. Nine sheets of curling ice. That is what it took to run the 18th WCF / DCV Hummelt Junior Curling Camp in Füssen, Germany, last week.

The junior curlers were out the door of their hostel and on the road to the arena every morning by 09:00. They don’t get back until 21:30. In those twelve plus hours, they are taught theory in the classrooms and technical skills on-ice. There are fitness activities including a spin class and circuit training. But don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all work and no play. They go mini-golfing, participate in evening games off-ice, play puck curling (a form of bocce on ice) and compete against each other playing the traditional game.

An added twist this year was a logo competition. The Füssen Junior Curling Camp turns 20 in a couple of years and we were looking to the athletes to help in the celebration by designing a logo for the camp. The entries were all fantastic and we will be incorporating elements of two of the submissions into a new logo to debut in the near future.

The camp begins with anxious teenagers meeting their “teammates” and ends with new friendships and memories to last a lifetime. The 18th WCF / DCV Hummelt Junior Curling Camp was a huge success and from all those that participated, a huge thanks to CDO Eeva Röthlisberger and Liz Munro for all of the work that went on behind the scenes.

For all the photos from the camp visit our photo album on Facebook at http://www.wcf.co/29yarnv

Max Moodie said “When I first arrived I didn't think Füssen would be as amazing as it turned out to be. I met and worked with so many people from different countries that I never thought I would be able to communicate with in a group.
I learnt how much communication is needed for a team to succeed in curling. It was a great experience for me and showed me how great curling is as a sport.”

Lewis Welsh said “Füssen was great, I learned many new skills. To begin with we got to know our whole group, at first everyone stayed with the people they knew but by the end of the week we were friends with every person in our group. I perfected my slide by not swinging my back leg round (keeping it straight when pushing off the hack) and to not lift my bum so high when pushing off the hack. I also learned many new rules and tactics that I never knew existed. We also had an amazing coach, Kelsey Rocque, who is one of the best women curlers in the world. Our other coaches were amazing too! I had a great week and would recommend to anyone at the club (of any level). I'd love to go back next year.” Gallery below:


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